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Inspire Careers LLC Presents Navigating Your Career Path At The Establishment

Please join me and the great financial education providers at The Establishment (sponsored by MassMutual) for a FREE webinar Mar 25 @ 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (ET) titled Navigating Your Career Path.

In addition to an in-depth discussion covering today’s best practices in
✅ resume writing,
✅ job search strategies,
✅ interviewing,
✅ salary negotiation,
✅ and the role of LinkedIn in a successful job search.

We will cover today’s pressing issue of
✅ the impact of COVID-19, social distancing/isolation, and mass layoffs as it relates to your career goals and job search.

I will take participant questions throughout the webinar. Take back control of your destiny. Join us and learn how to cope and how to respond.