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"Cathy transformed my resume and LinkedIn profile, making a daunting task feel simple with her detailed, professional approach and supportive coaching."

Rachel Meyers
Head of Modern Search, Google

A year ago, I hired Cathy as business coach to help me analyze my business and identify and address the roadblocks to it being much more than what it had become after 2 1/2 years of climbing the learning curve of professional resume writing and career coaching. Cathy is incredibly organized, has great business savvy, and a no-nonsense, unfluffy style that gets to the point. She instinctively went to processes, marketing, and pricing to help and unselfishly provided direction and examples of her successes in each area. My 2023 business grew 85% and is on pace for another 50% increase in 2024. She helped me put a foundation under my business that will enable me to continue to grow and achieve the substantial income and healthy work-life balance that is possible in this business.

Gary Foster, Healthcare Career Transition Specialist, Certified Résumé Writer and LinkedIn Trainer, Career and Life Coach at Turning Point Career Services

During my recent job transition, Cathy played an instrumental role in helping me update my LinkedIn profile, updating my resume, developing a sound search strategy, and providing coaching and mentorship throughout the process. Cathy did a remarkable job of customizing her approach and recommendations to what made the most sense for me. Specifically, I was looking for an Executive or Senior Leadership role, and Cathy really tailored her approach to accommodate what I was looking for in a new role. During the process, Cathy also pushed me to do some real soul-searching to determine what provided me with personal and professional fulfillment, which helped to ensure that I was being considered for the right opportunities. Finally, what really helped me was that Cathy helped to set proper expectations of how Executive recruitment occurs in reality, as I had never engaged in a search strategy for Executive roles previously. This is where I derived a ton of value from Cathy’s coaching and mentorship. Figuring out your next opportunity can be a stressful experience, but Cathy made it much less so by setting proper expectations around potential rejection and by encouraging me to embrace the positivity of the experience.

Gerald Chen, Chief Financial Officer & Strategic Business Partner, Global Finance, Tax Law & Accounting at Veralto/Hach

Cathy was a tremendous resource during my job search. After one discussion on how to optimize my LinkedIn profile and utilize various features, the amount of views on my profile more than doubled. She is skilled in resume review, negotiation, and career coaching. I doubt I would have secured my upcoming role as a Director of Purchasing without her. She was a pleasure to work with and I could not recommend her enough.

Scott Rivkin, Director of Purchasing at GroupM

I am grateful for my friendship with Cathy – she is an incredible resource and one of the most thoughtful people I have ever worked with. She goes out of her way to be a reflective listener and it comes across with her work. She has a keen perspective on all things involving career coaching and development, and her insights are helpful and relevant in so many ways. I am glad to have her in my corner!

William Jarry, Financial Advisor at UBS

Cathy played a pivotal role in helping me achieve my career goals and secure my dream job after graduating from college. She possesses an incredible talent for transforming potential into a confident, marketable candidate for major roles. Her skills in resume review, cover letter writing, and interview preparation are unparalleled.

With Cathy’s assistance, I approached the post-graduate job market with confidence and preparedness. Her support, encouragement, and unwavering commitment to my success were truly admirable and instrumental in my achievements. I have no doubt that anyone seeking Cathy’s help will be exceptionally well-equipped to not only reach but also surpass their career goals.

Joseph Evans, starting at Lockheed Martin following graduation