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Hi, I’m Cathy Lanzalaco, CEO of Inspire Careers LLC.

I’m your instructor for all courses within the Inspire Careers Career Coaching Solutions School.

A 3x career changer with 15+ years of experience in human resources, I provide insights and strategies that help my clients land jobs and create careers they love quicker than going it alone.

A high-performance résumé and a comprehensive job search strategy can be complete gamechangers for your career success. While you don’t know what you don’t know to create these type of powerful tools, I do, and I am here to help set you up for success,

With that in mind, I created these value-packed courses to provide self-paced instruction at a price point that everyone could afford.

Most career paths are not linear.

They are filled with twists and turns, setbacks, and pauses.

The exciting news is that with the right information, tools, and coaching, you can create your future to be anything you want.

Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your career, I’ve been there.

I’ve been through it all. I’ve been hired, fired, promoted, undervalued, downsized, and I even walked away from a fabulous job to start my own career coaching and résumé writing business. I wanted to see what I was capable of, and I know you are capable of whatever you set your mind to.

I’m honored to be part of your journey.

Let’s get started!

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Self-Paced Courses

Résumé Writing For Rapid Results

Learn to craft a résumé that stands out to both Applicant Tracking Software and human recruiters. This course teaches you how to convey your value clearly and effectively, helping you secure interviews faster than going it alone.

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Job Search Success Bootcamp

Navigate the complexities of modern job searches with this comprehensive course. Understand how to use Applicant Tracking Software, tap into the hidden job market, and build effective recruiter relationships to land a job you’ll love.

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Job Interview Course

Prepare to excel in your job interviews with actionable strategies and insights. This course covers preparation techniques, interview types, and critical questions to ask and anticipate, setting you apart from other candidates.

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Salary Negotiations

Maximize your earnings by mastering salary negotiations. This course provides the tools and confidence to negotiate effectively, ensuring you get the salary and benefits you deserve with practical strategies and supportive resources.

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