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Career Innovator award 2024

The only college graduate success program of its kind in the country.

Graduation is only the launchpad for a lifetime of career success and today’s graduates need to be equipped to soar!

Winner of the Elite Resume Circle Award-New Graduate Resume

Are you a college senior or new graduate that does not have a job offer or has submitted dozens (or hundreds) of applications with no results? Finding the job that you’ve dreamed of can be very difficult, and with limited experience and lack of expert guidance on the topic, it becomes frustrating and demoralizing very quickly. Set yourself up for success, reduce your stress, fear, and anxiety, and begin your professional career journey here!

Inspire Careers Student
Professional Launch Program™

Are you a parent of a college senior or new grad concerned for your child’s success in landing a real job with real potential that allow them pay their bills?

This program is designed to bridge the gap between being a college student and becoming a rising professional by teaching the skills necessary for job search success, long-term career satisfaction, and increased earning potential. This program is a 8 to 12-week journey of intense reflection, coaching, instruction, and execution customized to support your goals and help you achieve greater success than going it alone. Let’s get started!

See below and read what success can look like for you.

We change lives at Inspire Careers.

🚀 Are you a recent college graduate with no job lined up and becoming overwhelmed with an unsuccessful job search?
🚀 Are you a parent searching for the right solution for your child that will allow them to shine, smile, and succeed?
🚀 Do you feel the job search grind is stealing your child’s joy and passion for life?

Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with me today to determine if this program is the right solution for you or the new graduate in your life.

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This may be the solution you have been looking for.

Read Michelle and Joe’s story and how this program changed their son Colin’s life, and in their words, “Gave us our son back.”

“We are writing to express our profound gratitude and whole-hearted endorsement for the Inspire Careers Student Professional Launch Program…

The program exceeded our expectations in many ways. Like many parents, we assumed our bright, well-adjusted and ambitious young adult son had all the tools necessary to find a great position in his field of quantitative economics/finance after college… It was to our alarm and surprise that we found him instead totally unsure what he wanted to do next, or how go about finding a job, which led him uncharacteristically into a morass of anxiety, lethargy and defensive answers to our questions about his job search, which left us in a state of bewilderment….”

Click the image above to read how Inspire Careers helped Colin land his dream job!

The Inspire Careers
Transformation System

Welcome & Career Assessment

Student Professional Launch Program Welcome Kit

Inspire Careers welcomes you to its Student Professional Launch Program™ with practical tools and information to set you up for success.

Career Assessment Testing (Communication/Behavioral/Strengths/Interests/Personality)

Comprehensive report designed to help identify, understand, and optimize your strengths, personality, and communication style and will be an important tool in the development of your personal brand.

Career Documents & Personal Branding

Creation of a High-Performance Entry-Level Resume

Individual resume consultation includes definition of job search targets and value proposition, branded summary heading, keyword optimization, and conversion to .pdf format.

Cover Letter / E-Note Development

Development of a master cover letter, editable for use for numerous job posting responses. Cover letter will be similarly branded to match your new professional resume and provide a compelling introduction to your brand. An e-note is a more succinct and direct approach to a cover letter and suitable for electronic communications. Ask me if it is the right option for your needs.

Letterhead Stationery

Stationary branded to match your new professional resume for use with cover letters, thank you notes, and letters of inquiry.

Professional Reference List Template

Template includes all necessary elements that employers will need to contact your professional references. Branded to accompany your resume and cover letter, it is ready for you to fill in the information once you have identified and confirmed your references. Includes curated resources to help guide you in the selection of impactful references to support your record of achievements and unique value offering.

Post-Interview Thank You Note Template

An effective thank you note following any and all interviews should be part of the comprehensive career campaign. You will receive a template to guide you in the creation of a powerful thank you note that will set you above the crowd and leave a positive impression on the interviewer.

Weekly Monday Motivation Email

Monday morning email contact and motivational quote to provide inspiration to kick off the week strong.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover/Keyword Optimization

Update your profile to complement your new professional resume and include career-specific keyword optimization. Includes best practices regarding customizing your Headline and About sections to better communicate your brand and attract recruiter and hiring manager attention.

Develop a Post-Interview Packet (aka) Leave Behind Packet

Understand how a Post Interview Packet (leave behind materials) will differentiate you from your competition and help seal the deal on your candidacy. Interviewing virtually? No problem. I will teach you how to get your packet to the key decision makers as part of your overall interview strategy before final hiring decisions are made.

Job Search Coaching

Video Interview Coaching Session

One-on-one, 1.0-hour Zoom interview coaching session reviewing the basics of a professional interview including best practice protocol and professional courtesy, dress for success recommendations, document preparation and the all-important “Elevator Pitch.” The most common interview questions will be reviewed and strategies provided to promote a successful interview and effective follow-up. Discussion of how to handle “the salary” question and how to create a “leave behind packet” will be included.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Virtual Coaching Sessions

Meet with your coach bi-weekly via Zoom to receive guidance and feedback on your activities. Discuss strategy and obtain ongoing support to optimize confidence and success with each step of the program. These sessions focus heavily on building effective time management skills and personal accountability.

Participate in a Cohort Mastermind Group

Drawing from diverse backgrounds and experiences, members challenge and support each other, fostering accountability and encouraging growth. Through regular meetings and discussions, they exchange insights, offer guidance, and leverage collective intelligence to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. This collaborative dynamic amplifies individual potential, driving members towards greater success.

Create a 30-60-90-Day New Job Success Plan

A 30-60-90-day new job success plan is a blueprint of the goals and milestones you wish to achieve for each 30 days during this critical onboarding and acclimation period. Developing this written strategy as part of your interview preparation is a great way to stand out during an interview and give you a competitive advantage over other candidates that are either “winging it” or have not thought past the job offer to prepare to be successful in their new role.

Job Search Strategy Coaching Session

Develop a comprehensive job search plan, including a customized approach to jumpstart and manage a successful job search campaign utilizing the tools outlined above. Includes the Inspire Careers Networking Tracker and Contact Prioritization System to help manage your networking and follow-up during your search.

Ongoing Support Throughout Job Search

Continue communicating with your coach to receive guidance and support for an extra boost of confidence or encouragement until you land the big job. Receive assistance assessing and negotiating your incredible job offer.


Invitation To Join the Inspire Careers Rising Professionals LinkedIn Group

Receive an invitation to join this exclusive LinkedIn networking group designed to share information, resources, and support that matters specifically to you at this stage of your career. Other members of the group will include other rising professionals, relevant industry leaders, and executive recruiters.

LinkedIn Tutorial

Step up the effectiveness of your new professional brand and LinkedIn profile with scheduling a LinkedIn tutorial. Following optimization of your LinkedIn profile, learn how to effectively leverage LinkedIn to maximize your professional visibility and networking capability. Review LinkedIn’s job search functionality, strategic connection identification, and creation of search alerts for jobs within your targeted industry or targeted companies. Includes discussion of whether or not posting your résumé and on LinkedIn should be part of your overall job search strategy. A critical element of this session is learning how to create an effective online presence to showcase your brand, demonstrate your value, and attract more meaningful attention with your job search efforts.

Participate in a Networking Event

Join your coach for personal and/or group networking at an in-person or virtual event. Connecting with recruiters, learning how to interact with recruiters, and developing a relationship with recruiters is key to uncovering opportunities in the hidden job market. I will provide linkage to targeted recruiters to help develop your skills and effectiveness in this area.

Activation of the Inspire Careers Professional Network

Networking is the #1 way to open doors and land a job, and having a warm introduction helps boost networking success. Linkage to contacts within the Inspire Careers professional network aligned with your goals will be shared with you for networking, informational interviews, and relationship development. The proper protocols to optimize those contacts will be reviewed.

Career Resources & Job Search Support

Multiple Original and Curated Job Search-Related Resources

Receive multiple resources to augment the material covered in our coaching sessions. i.e. auditing your digital footprint , conducting informational interviews, getting the most out of salary negotiations, job search affirmations, and more.

Interview for Job Seeker Spotlight Video Podcast

Participate in a 6-8-minute video interview as part of the Inspire Careers Job Seeker Spotlight Series. This interview will provide recruiters and hiring managers insight into your skills, qualifications, and career goals and begin to generate interest in your candidacy. Video will be shared on LinkedIn and the Inspire Careers Business Facebook page and you may share at your discretion as part of your overall career campaign strategy.

Unlimited Access to All Digital Courses in the Inspire Careers Career Coaching School

Support and reinforce the hands-on learning within the program with self-paced, engaging digital courses.

Unlimited Access to the Inspire Careers Vault

Obtain unlimited access to all proprietary and curated content in the exclusive Inspire Careers Resource Vault.

New Graduate Program Success Stories

Alec's Success Story

Swarthmore College


New Job:
Sales Development Representative at Rubicon

“The Inspire Careers Student Professional Launch Program is amazing at developing young professionals in the early stages of their careers. Cathy inspires and teaches skills that immediately help differentiate from other recent college graduates and will be important throughout their entire careers. Cathy’s attentive and involved approach helps you bring out your strengths and develop yourself professionally.

I cannot recommend Inspire Careers enough for any level of your career, but especially for young professionals. You will not regret working with Cathy.”

– Alec White, Sales Development Representative at Rubicon

“Cathy is the type of professional we all need in our lives! And now she’s not only helped me she’s helped our amazing son land his first major role post-college. Why don’t colleges offer services like this? I guess ad that to the great mysteries in life like why don’t we pay our great teachers more? So when you find a great service and individual like Cathy invest and use her services. She’s calm, organized, knows the digital and the human side to networking and finding the right role. It’s not Plays with your confidence for sure. But having a professional partner to help you along is money and time well invested.

Cathy, you’re amazing. Keep doing more great things. This generation needs the help as we need them in the workforce helping this planet and great country of ours. Compete, collaborate and make a positive impact. Like you do!”

– Chris White, CVP, Americas, Customer Success-Analog Devices and Alec’s Father

Click the image above to read Alec’s actual feedback on the program.

Sam's Success Story

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Business Management & Psychology Science

New Job:
Territory Manager at Hills Pet Nutrition

“I graduated in May and am starting a dream job I didn’t even know existed just 3 short months later. I reached out to Cathy and became a part of her Student Professional Launch Program because I was clueless as to what professional direction I wanted to look. Cathy provided me with the resources to channel my likes, dislikes, passions, and personality into a career context that helped narrow down what felt like a black hole of options.

Cathy’s goal is not just to help her clients land a job, it is to help her clients land a job they LOVE. This seemed like an insurmountable task in my eyes, but became possible after working with Cathy. She wants to see each and every one of her clients succeed. She is the cheerleader you didn’t know you needed. Cathy is truly an inspiration as an entrepreneur, a woman, and a leader, and I will recommend her services 11 times out of 10.”

– Sam Fedele, Territory Manager, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Click the image above to read Sam’s actual feedback on the program.

Riley's Success Story

University at Buffalo

Chemical Engineering

New Job:
Software Test Engineer at IMA Life

“Cathy at Inspire Careers did an incredible job setting me up for success in my own professional career! I was very impressed by how committed Cathy is as a guide and mentor; along the journey, she was always available to answer my questions and offer support when I needed it. Job searching can be an exhaustive process, but I felt a great sense of confidence due to how the program breaks things down into step-by-step achievable goals.

I want to specifically highlight Cathy’s knowledge of the LinkedIn platform, and how you can get the most value from your own profile to be seen by other employers. Her eye for detail is also apparent in how we designed my new resume, which was designed with purpose to target the exact types of jobs I had interest in. A lot of careful consideration went into presenting myself in a way that stands out from other job applicants. One thing that impressed me beyond expectations were the professional connections gained through this experience. I met a lot of wonderful people through Cathy who encouraged me along my journey, and this networking was essential in finding a job that aligned with my own skills. Having a support system was motivating in my own job search, and I appreciated the positive environment that I could be a part of.

Overall, I highly recommend that anyone struggling in their job search reach out to Inspire Careers and consider their program! Cathy is extremely talented and stands out amongst many others in this field. The process did wonders for me, and I encourage others to invest the time into developing their professional selves!”

– Riley Smith, Software Test Engineer, IMA Life

Click the image above to read Riley’s actual feedback on the program.

Colin's Success Story

Villanova University


New Job:
Data Coordinator at Sandhill Investment Management

“Working with Cathy was the single best move I made as a jobseeker. I was skeptical when I began the program because I had spent months scouring job postings and nothing ever piqued my interest or felt like the right fit. I didn’t know how working with a career coach could change that hopeless and disinterested mindset, but after our first meeting I knew I made the right choice. Cathy’s program was perfectly paced and started with helping me discover my true interests via assessments and informational interviews through her vast network. Her re-vamping of my LinkedIn and resume made me stand out much more and get noticed by recruiters. Besides all of the great work we did together, I cherished our weekly meetings the most as we got to catch up and chat on things not related to job searching. She’s an understanding and caring person who sincerely has your best interest at heart. If you’re in the market for a job, call Cathy.”

– Colin Helfer, Data Coordinator, Sandhill Investment Management

Click the image above to read Colin’s actual feedback on the program.

CJ's Success Story

Temple University

Entrepreneurial Studies

New Job:
Co-owner at Callowhill Notary Services

“I’m not sure how people find job opportunities without Cathy’s help. She has been an integral part in my job search as she has instructed me with tips about LinkedIn, resumes, and the many other ways of marketing yourself to ensure success. Cathy’s efforts are not simply for landing you any position, they are for finding opportunities you once thought were unattainable. Consider Cathy’s services as an investment…working with her will immediately increase your initial salary by far more than what you are investing in her services! I happened to get an instant return on my investment. Highly recommend!”

– CJ Luksch, Worldwide Express Account Executive

Click the image above to read CJ’s actual feedback on the program.

Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with me today to determine if this program is the right solution for you or the new graduate in your life.

Let's talk

Eric's Success Story

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Aerospace, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering

New Job:
Systems Engineer at Collins Aerospace

Eric received a 1,872% ROI return on his investment in this program and the salary offer he accepted was $20K over the average salary for the position in his geographic area PLUS a significant signing bonus.

“Cathy provided an excellent service which spanned from the beginning of the job search process to the point where I accepted a job offer. On top of the service she provided with creating a professional resume and cover letter, she also advised me as I kept applying for jobs, doing interviews, etc. She assisted me in improving skills in networking and following-up. The feedback she provided about my interviewing ability led me to make some improvements to how I would answer questions. Overall, the service has been greatly beneficial and I learned much about the importance of networking and following-up which I will certainly make use of over the course of my career. I am satisfied with the systems engineering position I landed, and I believe that without the experience and education I had over the course of the program, it would have been much more difficult to land a job of this level of experience and prestige.”

– Eric Fisher, Systems Engineer, Collins Aerospace

Cathy was a great resource for helping to get my son an engineering position post-graduationShe was the key to him being able to get into the job market and acquire his first professional position.

My son got good grades throughout his bachelor’s and master’s programs in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering, but that didn’t seem to be enough to get employers interested in him. He was not fortunate enough to have gotten an internship and didn’t have many extracurricular activities in college. We searched around for people who could help with creating a resume and coaching him for the interview process. Fortunately, Cathy was highly recommended by one of the coaching people in our area who was too busy to help at the time. Cathy had regular sessions with my son over the course of several months. She started by creating a professional resume and getting his LinkedIn profile set up correctly. She sent him a notebook outlining the entire process he would be going through, so he knew what would be involved.

In the end, after Cathy coached him for five months, he was finally offered the quality job he had been seeking. He might have eventually gotten the position without her help, but there is no doubt that she taught him valuable skills that he will have for the rest of his life. Thank you, Cathy. I am convinced that you made it possible for our son to get what he deserved.”

– Michael Fisher, 5G PCB Designer at Nokie and Eric’s Father

Click the image above to read Eric’s actual feedback on the program.

Xavier's Success Story

Temple University

Communication and Media Studies

New Job:
Associate Product Manager at Spherix Global Insights

Xave did not let the lack of an internship stand in his way. He built his skills and made himself marketable in different ways and landed a position in a company where he can build a career.

“I acquired Cathy’s services as a recent graduate with little to no experience. Attaining an entry-level job to begin my career genuinely seemed impossible. After a few desperate months, I hired Cathy to assist me in my search. She helped me navigate the landscape of professional corporations with expertise. The resume she made for me got amazing reviews from tenured HR professionals. Her interview tips quite literally got me a job at a respectable pharmaceutical market research company.

Let me be clear: I could not have achieved the fortunate outcome I got without Cathy’s help. Ultimately she got me to:

  • Understand my value and why corporations WILL want to hire me.
  • Have professional resources to give to professional employers (incredible resume, cover letter, etc).
  • Communicate my value effectively to potential employers in interviews and other correspondence.
  • See the light at the end of a miserably dark tunnel.

Thanks for your help, Cathy. If you need someone to guide you through the often nebulous search for employment, I can’t recommend Cathy Lanzalaco enough.”

– Xavier Mazuerk, Associate Product Manager, Spherix Global Insights

“I strongly recommend Cathy as a career counselor for young people entering the job market. She helped my son when he graduated from college and I wish I had retained her while he was still in college. She has deep knowledge of all things related to the application and hiring processes and a no-nonsense approach to those processes. She has a tremendous ability to connect with young people about the decidedly grown-up task of, not only finding a job, but starting a career. She is well worth twice what she charges.

– Edward Mazurek, Chairman of the Mazurek Law Firm and Xavier’s Father

Click the image above to read Xave’s actual feedback on the program.

Mary's Success Story

Niagara University

Hospitality and Tourism Management

New Job:
Operations Coordinator at Beyond Times Square

“I used my brand new, custom-made resume to catch the attention of employers, and they helped me create a TikTok resume to help me stand out from other candidates!

In just weeks, I landed my dream job a whole month before even graduating college!

– Mary Eggert, Tourism Digital Marketing Professional

Click the image above to read Mary’s actual feedback on the program.

Haley's Success Story

University of North Texas

Biology, Kinestesiology & Psychology

New Job:
Enrolled in Nuclear Medicine Technology Program at Tarrant County College

It was an absolute joy working with Cathy! Before working with her, I was completely lost in my career path and had no idea what I wanted to do.

She helped guide me in finding a career I would enjoy and feel passionate about. She is an excellent motivator and truly knows what she is doing! She also helped to create a beautiful resume and LinkedIn profile for me.

I am looking forward to keeping in touch with her as she continues to provide assistance and advice as I move further in my education and career!”

– Haley Mitchell, Aspiring Nuclear Medicine Technologist

“Cathy is amazing! She was able to help my daughter Haley, who recently had graduated college, take a moment and breathe. This may sound relatively unimportant but it was actually quite critical in her approach to helping Haley. Cathy structured a very robust plan that held Haley accountable while allowing her to see her movement and success in the program. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Haley was able to identify a clinical area of interest that has tremendous growth potential while playing to her strengths and interests. She’ll continue her post-graduate work pursuing a degree in Nuclear Medicine. There is a plan to follow allowing for pivoting where needed. Within 24 months Haley will be in the workforce. The future is quite bright and WE couldn’t be more appreciative of Cathy and all of her efforts. I HIGHLY recommend Cathy for graduating seniors, recent graduates and professionals looking to make a change. THANK YOU Cathy!”

– Rob Mitchell, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Sales Enablement, Rently, and Haley’s Father

Click the image above to read Mary’s actual feedback on the program.

Adam's Success Story

Canisius College

Journalism and Communications

New Job:
Head of Communications and Public Relations at Twipes

“Cathy was extremely helpful in helping me land a new job. From coaching sessions, in which she taught me valuable skills for each step in the job search process, to the connections she helped me make, to the fantastic new ATS-compatible resume she developed, she was very supportive throughout and the program was tremendously beneficial.

I highly recommend it for anyone struggling to find job who are in need of the right tools to find a good fit and confidence when it comes their search.”

– Adam Duke, Digital News Producer, WIVB

Click the image above to read Adam’s actual feedback on the program.

Jessica's Success Story

George Washington University

International Affairs and Public Policy

New Job:
Case Specialist at International Institute of New England

“During her senior year of college, Cathy worked with my daughter helping her with career advice as she graduated with a degree in International Affairs. Cathy is knowledgeable, strategic, professional, and highly effective.

She guided my daughter in best practices of resume-writing, cover-letter writing, job searching, interviewing, and generally building a comprehensive personal brand – which is so critical these days. And my daughter had a job offer for a position that she really wanted by graduation. I highly recommend Cathy!”

– Carla Gates, Digital Marketer and Jessica’s Mom

Click the image above to read Jessica’s actual feedback on the program.

Connor's Success Story

Mercyhurst University

Applied Forensic Sciences

New Job:
Account Executive at CGI Social

“With Cathy’s help I was able to land a job with a growing and innovative medical sales company. She helped me curate a fabulous cover letter, resume and more. She coached me through the job search, application, and interview process and also educated me on how to professionally and most effectively use LinkedIn. I would recommend Cathy to anybody!”

– Connor Sokal, Sales Executive, Randox Toxicology, Inc.

New Graduate and College Student Résumé Samples

Our resumes help our rising professionals land jobs and internships at some of the leading companies in the country, including: NASA, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Lockheed Martin, The Disney Company, Leidos, and many others.

College Junior, Systems Engineering Major

New College Graduate*

*Published in Emerald Career Publishing’s Modernize your Résumé: Get Noticed…Get Hired, 2nd Edition (2019)

New College Graduate

Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with me today to determine if this program is the right solution for you or the new graduate in your life.

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Inspire Careers provides a multimedia approach to connect our new grads to potential job leads.

More Success Stories

I had such a great time working with you! You were beyond helpful in getting me on the right track with my resume. I will definitely reach out when I need your help in the future!

Carson Ortolani, Northeastern University, Business & Design major

I think my favorite trait about Cathy is that she took a very empathetic approach when we did our work together. I had many moments of frustration and instead of getting down on me or fueling that fire, she was able to reframe my situation for me and reset my mindset.
She clearly cares about her clients because she even took several phone calls with me after our work was officially done to guide me through specific job applications and discuss what my prospects were like after did our work. Cathy is the type of person I know will forever be in my network (and I will always be in hers!) and I am extremely grateful for her guidance!

I chose to work with Cathy based on several positive recommendations from family friends and my dad. Out of all of the “personal branding experts” that approach me on a regular basis, Cathy clearly had the best track record and I never once had to question what she would do for me or how legitimate it was.

What was most helpful for me was that she was not afraid to be politely brutally honest with me. She told me what my strengths were and she told me exactly what needed to be revamped in order to stay competitive on the job market. I feel many people aren’t totally honest with their clients in general to spare their feelings, but Cathy always created a safe, comfortable, work environment, and it was extremely easy to stay open and honest with each other.

I think her services are spot on. I hired her to specifically develop and coach me through the job search process and create a fresh resume from scratch. She did a very thorough job getting to know me through the DISC assessment and applied all of that info to my Cover Letter and Resume. It worked well as I have been interviewing at some of the top firms in entertainment since we completed our work together!

Chris Varvaro, Entrepreneur and Music Producer

I highly recommend Cathy Lanzalaco. She provided in-depth and detailed insight on building a cover letter, resume, and my LinkedIn profile. She also educated me through the job search and interview process. I was able to land an internship with Lockheed Martin as an Items Analyst for Summer 2021. Without a doubt, I would recommend Cathy to anyone looking to make their resume and profile stand out!

Preston Kolesar, Incoming Items Analyst Intern, Lockheed Martin

I wanted to reach out to you to express my gratitude in helping me out with my interview preparation.

I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and give me some very helpful feedback. Last Friday was my interview and I believe it went perfectly! I kept in mind everything that you said and I was confident with my answers. I’ve received the good news that I have gotten the position and will begin training in this upcoming week. Thank you for all of your helpful advice with writing the action plan and interviewing. I truly appreciate your help.

Mimi WernerStudent at SUNY Geneseo and Preschool Teacher

If anyone is looking for a new career or to see if there is something more out there for them, I HIGHLY recommend Cathy Lanzalaco at Inspire Careers. She is so supportive during the entire process and is so responsive to any needs or questions. It was with her help that I was able to shift professionally from over a decade of customer service jobs into nursing. Even if you are in a career you love, but want to achieve more, she is your woman! I had no idea how I was going to sell myself as a graduate nurse after changing to a new career, especially since I have over 15 years of customer service. Cathy made the entire process incredibly easy and stress free for me (especially important since I was studying for my boards at the time!). She has a true gift when it comes to this, and it shows in all of her work. She created the most beautiful, concise and eye-catching resume I have ever seen. Cathy is an absolute pleasure to work with, and her dedication and passion to helping others achieve happiness in their careers is abundantly clear when working with her.

Katherine Thomas, Registered Nurse

I really benefited from doing the interview prep. Being able to practice the questions over a video call made me feel more comfortable in my ability to accurately respond to interviewers.

Nate Vanaskie, Cinematographer

*Inspire Careers LLC reserves the right to modify the specific elements of the program to meet the individual needs of each client.

*The 100% success guarantee is contingent upon full compliance by the participant as determined by Inspire Careers.

*No-shows for coaching sessions will be charged and billed $300 before program will continue. This is to build responsibility and accountability in participants in the program. 

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