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Brian Becker, Luxury Jewelry Sales Specialist

Cathy came highly recommended to me when I made the decision to transition careers to a different industry.

I had felt stuck when it came to trying to focus on what my next career move was exactly, and her expertise provided me the professional tools I needed, in addition to a deeper understanding of my own personality as it pertained to my career.

Her incredible skills in resume writing helped me make a seamless transition to an industry where I had no direct prior experience. This in turn made my interview process less stressful to me. She showed me how to navigate conversations with potential employers and to describe associations between past roles and the intended role with ease.

Cathy was supportive, friendly and responsive. She gave me the confidence I needed to get outside of my comfort zone and make solid actionable steps towards my ultimate goal.

I would recommend Cathy to anyone who wants to get on a career path to their dream job faster and more efficiently!

Brian Becker, Luxury Jewelry Sales Specialist