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Riley Smith, Software Test Engineer at IMA Life

Cathy at Inspire Careers did an incredible job setting me up for success in my own professional career! I was very impressed by how committed Cathy is as a guide and mentor; along the journey, she was always available to answer my questions and offer support when I needed it. Job searching can be an exhaustive process, but I felt a great sense of confidence due to how the program breaks things down into step-by-step achievable goals.

I want to specifically highlight Cathy’s knowledge of the LinkedIn platform, and how you can get the most value from your own profile to be seen by other employers. Her eye for detail is also apparent in how we designed my new resume, which was designed with purpose to target the exact types of jobs I had interest in. A lot of careful consideration went into presenting myself in a way that stands out from other job applicants.

One thing that impressed me beyond expectations were the professional connections gained through this experience. I met a lot of wonderful people through Cathy who encouraged me along my journey, and this networking was essential in finding a job that aligned with my own skills. Having a support system was motivating in my own job search, and I appreciated the positive environment that I could be a part of.

Overall, I highly recommend that anyone struggling in their job search reach out to Inspire Careers and consider their program! Cathy is extremely talented and stands out amongst many others in this field. The process did wonders for me, and I encourage others to invest the time into developing their professional selves!

Riley Smith, Software Test Engineer at IMA Life