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Office Workers updating LinkedIn post

When helping clients update their LinkedIn profile, they often express concern about what to do if
someone they work with makes a comment about their new profile and tries to “out” them as looking
for a new job to sabotage their reputation at work.

Although all concerns are valid concerns, I’ve never heard of it happening. We think people are watching
everything we do, but the reality is, they are not.

While no one owes anyone an explanation as to the content or timing of their profile updates, here are some ways to positively respond and take the focus off your updates and onto the process where it belongs.

  1. Professional Growth: “I’m updating my LinkedIn profile to better reflect my current skills and
    roles. It’s part of my ongoing commitment to professional growth and staying updated in our
  2. Networking Purpose: “I believe in the power of networking and building professional
    relationships. Updating my LinkedIn profile helps me connect more effectively with other
    industry professionals.”
  3. Personal Branding: “I’m working on my personal branding to highlight my professional journey
    and achievements. It’s a way to showcase my dedication and contribution to our field.”
  4. Company Representation: “By polishing my LinkedIn profile, I’m also able to represent our
    company more positively in the professional community. It’s a win-win for my career and our
    company’s branding.”
  5. Staying Current: “It’s important to stay current and relevant in today’s fast-paced industry.
    Regularly updating my LinkedIn profile is a part of that process.”
  6. Encouraging Collaboration: “An updated profile could lead to more collaboration opportunities
    for our team. It’s all about expanding our professional network.”
  7. Continuous Learning: “I believe in continuous learning and development. Updating my LinkedIn
    profile reflects my journey and the new skills I’ve acquired.”
  8. Role Modeling: “I want to set a good example for others in our team by maintaining a
    professional and current online presence.”
  9. Professional Visibility: “Having an updated LinkedIn profile increases my professional visibility,
    which can bring new perspectives and ideas that I can bring back to our team.”
  10. Industry Engagement: “I’m actively engaging with industry content on LinkedIn, which helps me
    stay informed and bring fresh insights to our team.”
  11. Positive Exposure: “Updating my profile is a way to gain positive exposure for the great work
    we’re doing here, showcasing our team’s expertise to the industry.”
  12. Skill Endorsement: “I’m updating my profile to get endorsements for my skills, which is a great
    way to validate the hard work I’ve been putting into my role.”
  13. Mentorship Opportunities: “An updated profile helps me connect with potential mentees. I’m
    passionate about mentoring and sharing my experiences with emerging professionals.”
  14. Knowledge Sharing: “I regularly share and comment on industry-related articles on LinkedIn,
    which helps me in sharing knowledge and staying engaged with the latest trends.”
  15. Career Documentation: “Think of my LinkedIn profile as a living document of my career journey.
    It’s important for me to keep it reflective of my current professional status.”
  16. The Direct Approach: “I’m so glad you noticed! I wish I had done it sooner. It was so outdated
    and now it’s up to date and looks so much better! I can provide you with the name of the person
    who helped me if you’d like to improve yours as well.”

Updating your LinkedIn profile should be part of your overall career management strategy: professional hygiene as I like to call it. Updating your profile regularly helps take the drama out of a profile makeover and sets an example for others in your network to prioritize their online professional branding.

Stand your ground and don’t let anyone intimidate you into weakening your proactive professional

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