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While workplace productivity is up, largely in part to the surge of remote workers, the potential downside to that arrangement is being overlooked for the choice assignments and for promotional opportunities. Out of sight, out of mind, can negatively impact your career, but it does not have to.

Getting promoted while working remotely involves many of the same fundamentals as getting promoted while working onsite but with a few additional considerations due to the unique nature of remote work. Here are some strategies to enhance your prospects:

  1. Set clear goals and expectations: Understand the specific criteria for promotions within your company. Once you have a clear idea of the expectations, set measurable, achievable goals for yourself and share these with your manager. Regularly assess your progress and adjust your plans as needed.
  1. Regularly communicate your achievements: Since you’re not in a physical office, your accomplishments might not always be visible to your manager or team. Make it a habit to communicate your achievements and progress on tasks regularly. This isn’t about boasting; it’s about ensuring your contributions are recognized.
  1. Seek feedback and show initiative: Regularly seek feedback to learn about your areas for improvement. Show your willingness to learn, and don’t shy away from taking initiatives that go beyond your job description. This demonstrates your ability to take on more responsibilities.
  1. Engage and network: Build relationships with your colleagues and superiors. Engaging in virtual team activities, participating in group chats, and setting up one-on-one virtual coffee chats can be effective ways to network and gain visibility. Don’t assume others (even those who also work remotely) will invite you to necessary meetings. Know what is happening and ask when you are not sure.
  1. Hone your virtual communication skills: Good communication is even more crucial when working remotely. Become proficient in all the tools your company uses for communication. Additionally, develop your writing skills to communicate effectively and professionally via email and chat.
  1. Develop your skills and knowledge: Continual professional development is crucial for advancing your career. Attend online seminars and workshops, complete online courses, and stay up-to-date with industry trends. Ask for stretch assignments and to be included in critical meetings.
  1. Express your interest: Make sure your manager knows that you’re interested in advancement. Discuss your aspirations during performance reviews or one-on-one meetings and ask to collaborate on a written, measurable, and time-focused plan that holds you both accountable for its execution. Ask for the resources you need to make it happen and accept responsibility as the driver of the plan.

Remote work is a skill in itself and may require an adjustment for all parties, particularly if the work for the position had been onsite in the past. Becoming your own advocate is the best opportunity to build the quality of the career you seek.

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