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Ever notice how much you can get done when your back’s against the wall?

The Inspired Power Hour was born from the desire to provide my clients with a tool to help them implement boundaries around their time and improve the productivity of their job search. It’s actually a great activity for anyone who may feel overwhelmed by what they have set out to accomplish.

Decide the specific activity you want to get done. Set an alarm for one hour, separate yourself from any distractions, and only focus on action for the hour. When the alarm goes off, you can stop, or if you have gained momentum where you want to continue, set the snooze button to check back in with yourself every nine minutes and see if you want to continue or not. So, what can you do in just one hour?

💪 Set up meetings you have been putting off.

💪 Write the cover letter. Apply for the job.

💪 Brainstorm ideas for your new business.

💪 Make a list of 50 companies you want to apply to.

💪 Create a blog post.

💪 Invite 10 people to be guests on your podcast.

💪 Sign up for the next months’ worth of networking events.

💪 Walk three miles.

💪 Create an infographic to promote your event, service, or product.

💪 Answer your email.

💪 Write one chapter of your new book.

💪 Goof off without guilt.

💪 Take a nap.

💪 Call your mother.

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